Professor Olusanya Elisa OLUBUSOYE

Coordinator, UI-LISA


Olusanya E. Olubusoye is a Professor in the Department of Statistics, University of Ibadan (U.I.) and a Senior Research Fellow with the Centre for Econometric and Allied Research (CEAR), University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He was a visiting scholar to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2006. He served as a Nigerian Technical Expert to Ethiopia under the Nigeria Technical Aid Corps scheme between 2006 and 2008. During this period, he was deployed to the Department of Statistics, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia as an Assistant Professor. He was an Associate Lecturer with the Pan African University, Institute for Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation (PAUISTI), Nairobi, Kenya. He served as a consultant to the African Union on Education Management Information System and development of indicators for monitoring the Plan of Action for the second decade of education for Africa. As a team player, he had collaborated with other researchers in several research projects undertaken for local and international organizations, including the African Econometric Research Consortium based in Nairobi, Kenya, MacArthur Foundation and World Bank funded projects. He was a modeler in the Federal Government of Nigeria project on Assets Decision Support System implemented by Adam Smith International and funded by UK Department for International Development. He is a member of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), London; American Statistical Association (ASA); and The Nigerian Statistical Association (NSA). He holds the highest professional award of Chartered Statistician by the Royal Statistical Society, London. He served as the 2nd Vice President of the NSA and Chair of the National Organizing Committee (NOC) of the first international statistical conference held in September 2017 in Lagos, Nigeria. He has been coordinating the University of Ibadan Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (UI-LISA) since inception in 2015. Among others, some of his works include: Modelling Inflation Process in Nigeria, funded by the African Econometric Research Consortium (AERC), Nairobi, Kenya; Spatio-Temporal Information Systems Modelling and Econometric Analysis of Revenue Allocation in Nigeria (1999-2008) funded by the MacArthur Foundation and Statistical literacy and empirical modelling for national   transformation, a Faculty Lecture delivered in October 2014. He is currently the principal investigator (PI) of a project on Enhancing Election Participation in Nigeria funded by the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (LISA) at the University of Colorado Boulder in cooperation with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Accelerating Local Potential (ALP) Program (Cooperative Agreement Number: 7200AA18CA00022).


  Dr. Abosede Adedayo Adepoju

Deputy Coordinator, UI-LISA

A former Acting Head of Department in the Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science, University of Ibadan. She has over twenty years of teaching and research experience at the University level. Her research interests include Econometric Modelling, Applied Bayesian Analysis, Economic/Financial Statistics and Environmental Statistics. She was nominated the first Educational Ambassador for Nigeria by the American Statistical Association (ASA) for the year 2016. She has published several articles in both international and national journals. She is a member of many professional bodies like International Biometric Society (IBS) Group Nigeria, International Statistical Institute (ISI), Caucus of Women in Statistics of the American Statistical Association (ASA) and Nigerian Statistical Association (NSA). She is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Econometric and Allied Research (CEAR), University of Ibadan.


  Dr. Oluwayemisi Oyeronke Alaba

Senior Assistant Coordinator, UI-LISA 

Dr Oluwayemisi Oyeronke Alaba, Senior lecturer and Head of Unit, Economic and Financial Time Series Unit, Department of Statistics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria is a senior collaborator with University of Ibadan Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (UI-LISA). Dr Alaba is a seasoned statistician with deep knowledge in theoretical and analytical skills acquired over time as an academic with research interest in Econometrics and Applied Statistics. She is actively involved in One-Hour with a Statistician, one of the seven mission agenda of UI-LISA. As a key player in UI-LISA, she participated in a project on Enhancing Election Participation in Nigeria in collaboration with The Electoral Institute (TEI), a research and documentation unit of the Independent National Election Commission (INEC). The Funding was provided by LISA at the University of Colorado Boulder in cooperation with USAID. Dr Alaba is also engaged in a sanitation project funded by the USAID TEACH Fund with collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Oyo State. Recently, she was a speaker at Building Capacity in Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Techniques through the Creation of Statistical Laboratory being part of the Series of LISA 2020 Symposium Plenary Events in 2020. She is a member of International Statistical Institute (ISI), Caucus for women in Statistics (CWS). She has served as reviewer of both local and international journals such as South African Family Practice Journal, Journal of Nigerian Statistical Association and Genus: Journal of Population Sciences as well as Journal Editor, University of Ibadan Collaborative Academic Resuscitation and Transformation (UI-CART) Project in Science and Technology. She appeared as one of the panellist at the 12 th Edition of Wole Soyinka Centre Media Lecture Series to mark Prof. Wole Soyinka’s 86 th Birthday. Dr Alaba is widely travelled and has over thirty publications to her credit. She is happily married with children.


Dr. Olawale Basheer Akanbi

Assistant Coordinator, UI-LISA

He lives in Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a lecturer in Statistics Department, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. His areas of research are Econometrics, Bayesian Inference & Modelling including Bayesian Model Averaging and Operations research. He has Professional diploma (Statistics), B.Sc. (Statistics), M.Sc. (Statistics) and Ph.D. (Statistics) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Dr. Akanbi has to his credit a number of refereed journal articles and conference papers within and outside Nigeria. . He is a reviewer to some local and international journals. He has also written different statitical books on Sample Survey and Operartions Research. He is a member of some statistical societies; International Statistical Institute (ISI); University of Ibadan Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (UI-LISA). International Biometric Society (IBS) Group Nigeria (GNi); Statistics & Probability African society (SPAS); Nigerian Statistical Association (NSA); and Nigerian Young Statisticians Group (NYSG).


  Dr. Oluwaseun A. Otekunrin

Assistant Coordinator, UI-LISA


Oluwaseun A. Otekunrin is a Senior lecturer in Statistics at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. She holds M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees in Statistics from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She has published in reputable local and international journals and is also a reviewer of manuscripts for reputable academic journals. She is a member of the International Biometric Society, International Statistical Institute and Caucus of Women in Statistics of the International Statistical Institute. Her research areas span experimental designs and applied statistics in decision sciences, public health, public health nutrition and agriculture


  Dr. Kazeem ADEPOJU

Foreign-Based Lab Collaborator, UI-LISA


Dr. Kazeem Adepoju is currently a Lecturer at the school of Statistics, University of Minnesota, USA, an assistant Professor of Mathematics at the North Central University, Minneapolis, USA and an instructor in Mathenasium of Plymouth, USA. He was formerly a lecturer at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He got his Bachelor of Science in Statistics with first class, Master of Science as well Ph.D. in Statistics, all from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Dr. Kazeem did a postdoc under the watchful eyes of professor Galin Jones, the director of the School of statistics, University of Minnesota, USA. Dr. Adepoju’s research interest includes Mathematical Statistics, robust statistical models, statistics education, random effects estimation in repeated measures setting, and modeling longitudinal data. He has presented in a good number of International conferences around the world and has published more than 30 research articles in a scholarly journal. He is a member of a Nigeria Statistical Association, Nigeria Mathematical society, American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America, Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics & Probability and American Statistical Association. Dr Adepoju is from Alafara Olubadan Compound, Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria, but was raised in Ondo State southwestern, Nigeria. He is happily married to Nurat Adepoju and blessed with five lovely daughters.


  Dr. Serifat Adedamola FOLORUNSO

Administrative Lab Coordinator, UI-LISA


Dr. Serifat Folorunso’s primary research interest concerns applied statistics in the biomedical, health, and environmental sciences in particular. She had worked in different fields of statistics such as Biometrics, Econometrics, Bayesian, Spatial Analysis, Parametric and Non-parametric models. In addition, her research focused on interdisciplinary studies. Presently, she is the Administrative Coordinator of the University of Ibadan Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (UI-LISA) and a lecturer at Distance Learning Centre (DLC) of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


  Mr. Olalekan Joseph AKINTANDE

Lead Training Coordinator I, UI-LISA


Olalekan is a PhD Student in Computational Unit of the Department of Statistics, University of Ibadan. His area of research is AI Algorithm Fairness in Machine Intelligence. He is examining the algorithm process from the Pre-In-Post [P-I-P] process and how this process can help minimize bias and promote fairness in machine intelligence systems He is a research assistant to one of the Department foremost Professor; O.E. Olubusoye and serves as a tutorial assistant where he teaches statistical computing, programming and related courses at undergraduate and graduate classes under the supervision of Prof. O.E. Olubusoye. He is also a Lead research and Training Coordinator and consultant at the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (UI-LISA). He’s a member of Black in AI community, Royal Statistical Society and American Statistical Association. He’s an influencer, mentor and founder of the StatScience LLC where he promotes statistical literacy, collaboration and mentorship of young graduates of statistics and individuals interested in Data Science. 


  Mr. Ogundunmade Tayo Peter

Lead Training Coordinator II, UI-LISA


Mr Tayo is a PhD student in Econometrics Unit of the Department of Statistics, University of Ibadan. His area of research is Bayesian/ Computational statistics. He serves as a tutorial assistant at the department of Statistics, University of Ibadan where he teaches statistics courses at undergraduate and post graduate classes under the supervision of Dr. Adedayo A. Adepoju. He is a Lead Training Coordinator and consultant at the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (UI-LISA). He is also a tutor at the Distance Learning Centre (DLC) University of Ibadan where he takes Bayesian Statistics. Mr. Tayo has a great work ethic, excellent computational, teaching and communication skills, and pays attention to details. He is well organized, reliable and willing to work at any time. He is skillful in the use of computer software packages such as SPSS, E-views, R, Stata, python and other statistical packages. His research areas include Bayesian Analysis, Computational statistics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Time series.


Mr. Adefemi Tajudeen Adeniran

Lead Training Coordinator III, UI-LISA

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Mr. Bbosa Robert

Lead Lab Collaborator I, UI-LISA

Bbosa Robert is an international student from Uganda. He has accomplished his studies in M.Sc. Oil and Gas Economics from the Centre of Petroleum Energy Economics and Law (CPEEL), University of Ibadan, Nigeria, in September 2020. He previously graduated with Bachelor of Commerce from Makerere University, Kampala-Uganda on 23 January 2014 and has since worked for Direct Access Ltd as an accountant; KSK Associates Certified Public Accountants as a Senior Audit Associate; and BRAC Uganda as a Senior Audit Officer. Currently, he is working as the Accountant for CoverMark Ltd. Upon receiving the internship acceptance letter from UI-LISA on 7th January 2020, he trained in data visualization while taking Statistical Data Mining course at the Lab. Having gripped onto Data Visualisation, UI-LISA raised his hope of understanding Audit Data Analytics (ADA), a concept that is currently giving a challenge to the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) in encouraging its stakeholders to embrace data analytics for big data in the accounting profession. The current technological changes which are enhancing the capability both within the financial reporting systems to initiate, process, record and store data representing the information in the financial statements and the tools available to analyse that data, are tasking accounting professionals to integrate Audit Data Analytics (ADA) into the current risk-based audit model. Therefore with the current online training on data visualization by UI-LISA, Robert has enhanced his skills in understanding the business environment while analysing the risks of material misstatements. Despite the closure of University from March 2020 until the end of the same year due to Coronavirus pandemic, Bbosa together with Mr. Bilal Khamri accomplished a task of developing a website which enabled UI-LISA to portray its image to the entire world.

Mr. Bilal Khamri

Lead Lab Collaborator II, UI-LISA

Bilal Khamri has accomplished his studies in Msc. Industrial Engineering specialising in Behaviour Systems at University of Tlemcen, Algeria. He is a cofounder of Dzbusfinder startup leveraging on Internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence Systems and Design Thinking with an aim of improving the financial control and supervision in the transport sector to help in decision making for managers. Based on his work on IoT and computer vision, Bilal emerged among the top four winners of the Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation Programme (ELIP) start-up Challenge. He participated in the exchange program between University of Tlemcen and University of Ibadan under the ACADEMY Project scholarship. Due to his enthusiasm in data science, he chose to be part of University of Ibadan, Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis (UI-LISA) to leverage on their data science experience and skills. When Professor O. E. Olubosoye highlighted the need for a website, Khamri developed a website together with Mr. Bbosa Robert which allowed collaborators to publicise information about the services rendered as well as connecting with other people interested in the services of UI-LISA.

Mr. Timothy Tomiwa Oyelakin

Lead Lab Collaborator III, UI-LISA

Tomiwa is a graduate of the Department of Demography and Social Statistics, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He joined UI-LISA, first as a trainee and later as a Lab Collaborator in 2018. He now helps to train new interns at UI-LISA on Data Analysis Using Excel. He is currently a Master's Student in Medical Statistics at the University of Ibadan.


Mr. Salaudeen Bolaji Omooseti

Lead Lab Collaborator IV, UI-LISA

Salaudeen Bolaji Omooseti acquired a Professional Diploma in Statistics (PDS), in the department of Statistics University of Ibadan, Ibadan in 2015 and a Bachelor of science in Economics (in view) from the school of Economics, University of Ibadan. Having got interested in data science, Bolaji joined UI-LISA to gain adequate Statistical literacy and learn the basics of data science which is core aspect of the lab. As a student collaborator, Bolaji participated in various skills development programme which has enhanced his knowledge in R, SPSS, and Excel. He participated in field work such as household energy survey for residents in Aerodrome, Voters apathy in Agbowo and Ajibode. The collaboration experience at UI-LISA has been a worthwhile experience for Bolaji's career goals.