Statistical Training and Capacity Building

"...A notable gap in the statistical training at tertiary level in Nigeria is the absolute lack of exposure to first-hand statistical practice and/or acquisition of statistical consulting skills by the students. At the University of Ibadan [UI], undergraduate students in statistics are required to undertake an internship training for three (3) months in industry or government agency as part of the requirements for the award of the degree. Unfortunately, this requirement is not integrated into the curriculum of all statistics-degree-granting institutions in Nigeria. Even where the requirement exists, the challenge usually faced by the students is how to find suitable placements in a statistics-practice environment where practical statistical skills needed to become effective professional statisticians can be easily acquired. The creation of the UI Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis [UI-LISA] in 2015 provided the needed environment for acquiring practical training in statistics..."

(Adepoju, Olubusoye, Ogundunmade,Tomiwa & Robert, 2020)

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Individual Testimonials from our internship students

Adio Muizz Adeniyi

My name is Adio Muizz Adeniyi. I graduated in 2018 from University of Ibadan, Department of Statistics. I joined UI-LISA Team as an intern from October 2016 to November 2017. While at UI-LISA, I learnt various Statistical packages specifically how to make use R, SPSS, Matlab, Latex and Excel for Statistical Analysis. My skills in creating presentations were enhanced with the use of beamer. I participated in data collection on energy consumption which was done in collaboration with CPEEL in 2017. Among the strengths at the end of my internship period is that, I was well acquainted with the research process beginning from formulation of objectives, planning, development and execution of appropriate research methodologies and writing detailed reports about the outcomes of statistical analysis. Finally, UI-LISA taught me the power of team work. My God bless Management of UI-LISA. .

Ibrahim Arinola Fayemi

My name Ibrahim Arinola Fayemi, a 400Level student from Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (BSc), department of Mathematics. I joined UI-LISA on the 7th of October, 2019 to undertake industrial training for six months. During my internship period, I learnt how to clean data before doing analysis. I acquired practical skills in SPSS, R, LaTex and Microsoft Excel. I also participated in Data Visualisation training before and during the Covid-19 lockdown. Together with the other off campus students, we undertook a statistical survey on “The Challenges and Its Implication: A CASE STUDY OF THE FEDERAL SCHOOL OF STATISTICS, SASA IBADAN which enhanced my skills in data collection. The Skills gap that was bridged during my internship was the use of statistical packages for data analysis which made the theoretical aspects of statistics to be well understood.

Abel Peter Gbenga

My name is Abel Peter Gbenga. I graduated in 2019 from Statistics department, University of Ibadan. I did my internship training with UI-LISA for 6 months during the 2017/2018 academic session. I participated in a survey on “Voters’ Apathy in Nigeria: A Case Study of Ajibode, Ibadan” and carried out the analysis of data obtained from the aforementioned study using R-Language and SPSS. I learnt LATEX, R-LANGUAGE and SPSS during the internship period and enhanced my presentation skills with Beamer package in Latex. The knowledge gap closed during my training includes Application of R-language, Latex and SPSS.

Adeola Oluwadunsin Sorunke

My name is Adeola Oluwadunsin Sorunke. I registered to undertake my internship at UI-LISA for two months from May to June 2019. I can boldly say today that I do not regret taking this step as I learnt several skills that have helped me a lot in other fields of work. I was able to learn Microsoft Office, SPSS, LaTex. I participated in data survey and got acquainted with data analysis. I am grateful to my supervisors and senior colleagues who helped to impart great knowledge in me. God bless UI-LISA

Ezekiel Adewale Adedokun

I am Ezekiel Adewale Adedokun, a final year Student of the Department of Statistics, University of Ibadan. I joined UI-LISA in April 2019 for the internship program which took three months. During this period, I was exposed to practical aspect of Statistics for instance, how to use SPSS, R, LaTex, and Microsoft Excel. The exercises which we were given, often helped to enhance my understanding of various concepts in statistical packages. I was also involved in the Mobile Statistical Clinics which entailed reaching out to students in the University of Ibadan physically, creating awareness and informing them about what UI-LISA offers. During the Mobile Statistical Clinics, several Postgraduate hostels were visited. It was a nice experience and I was able to gain knowledge needed to function well in the Data Science world.

Baruwa Damilola Moshood

I am Baruwa Damilola Moshood. A 400L student of the department of Statistics, University of Ibadan. I did my internship at UI-LISA from April to June, 2019 and I learnt how to use a set of statistical softwares namely: - SPSS, EXCEL, R- program, Latex, Minitab and Eviews. I couldn't have wished for a better place to intern. God place UI-LISA and all its team members.